Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Things You Do for Love

Drawing by me, design by Malia with help from me.

By me.

I am lucky enough in this life to know Malia Alexander, my "friend and frequent collaborator on creative projects," who started her own record label
(cool as hell, right?) and needed a logo for it. I feel privileged to be associated with the talented friends and acquaintances who share this visual/aural space. Coby, her dog, is one of the best subjects a person can ask for. I obviously have a certain affinity for hairy beasts, including my boyfriend, and the sea lion depicted in the flier below. The flier which, by the way, I have been sending cosmic signals for hopes of receiving the honor of "poster of the week" by the Stranger. If so, that will take care of one my life goals. Ego, I do not deny you.