Monday, November 28, 2011

Frame it Up

In an interview I saw with Dick Dale yesterday at the Experience Music Project, he said that the idea for Pulp Fiction began with Tarantino's obsession with his song Miserlou. Brilliant freakin song, and supposedly the narrative was constructed around it. But that's strange, right? The idea of this reverse creativity, of starting with the soundtrack, struck a note in me. 

Since I got a job at a frame shop, and helping artists and layfolk with framing designs, my creative process has recently been taking a similar backwards approach. There were three beautiful long red frames that I wanted, I wanted so bad! I pictured them in my mind's eye, and in one go, I came up with these three collages. Afterwards, I brought the frames home and I think they work beautifully. 

 In process...

 In frames...


A couple of other pieces I stuck in frames.

In my roller coaster world of artistic learning, this is just another lesson: framing is as important as anything else in the creative process. So is photography, which as you can tell, I suck at, but that's a lesson for another day.