Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life is Collage

The opening for the show at the Vera Project was so much fun. I am so grateful for all the friends that came out to see it. I feel I should be a better friend and not just be cooped up all day. I'm glad people still like me. I will work on it. But being cooped up is how I'm able to pull some cool stuff off, like these 10 collages that were hanging up on the wall.  I think jumping off the ledge in between two buildings after the show was the best part of that night though. No pictures of that.

See Vera Art Galleries photos of the event.

This was my first real grown up show. And I talked to real grown up artists, who gave me some advice. I'm more than a quarter century old, I gotta get my stuff together! I made a website. It's not quite done, but it will do for now. Soon I will have business cards and will be totally ready to contribute to society the way society tell you you should.

Getting my head a little bit out of the clouds.