Wednesday, August 31, 2011

These Little Worlds

What I do All Day... Working obsessively on collages... Watch out for the 2012 calendar... Prints will be available on my etsy hopefully soon...

Real Scissors/ Paper Scissors


Some of the books I got from St. Vincent De Paul

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brain Container

The fine gentlemen in Monogamy Party asked me to draw their beloved buck skull, named Denise, who had accompanied them in the van on tour, to supplement the album art. I started drawing, from a normal perspective but eventually really messed that up. I decided the right-side-up skulls are boring, so I drew it from underneath. The resulting view looks a little strange, like a creepy smiling mask or something. I hope they like it.

Warmup: initial loose drawing in india ink, this photo was taken before I really messed it up by adding a buttload more ink everywhere.

Cosmo left his footprints my original, so I had to make a carbon copy of the outline on a fresh sheet. I threatened to eat Cosmo for dinner, but I'll give him another chance.

final drawing!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rock Paper Scissors

A while ago my friend Katie suggested we both submit pieces to a show with singular prompt of "Rock Paper Scissors." I got super stoked when the idea of making a pop-up book of the people's playing hands popped into my brain. I'd made a semi-pop-up moving hands book a few years earlier. Ever intrigued by the intricate muscles and movement of the hands, I will never get enough looking drawing them. My chubby, bitten fingers are a particular point of embarassment, but it's balanced by how proud I am of what I can do with them. Useful tools are not the prettiest.

So, I had to learn to make a real book. For anyone interested, this is a particularly good site :

As I was sewing and stitching and measuring and gluing, I got to thinking of my friend Brant, who is a book mending apprentice at the library. The process is an intimate and beautiful thing. The grain, the warping, all of the pieces and parts that must go in the correct order, patience (the hardest one for me), and exposed sections you didn't want exposed. You know, like getting dressed in the morning!

Well, I didn't have time to finish the book by the deadline, plus I wasn't excited about paying a $25 submittable fee, so it will not be showing at the show. I thought I'd show you what I came up with so far... Each page is printed with a linoleum block that supposed to look like beach rock, but I don't know if it does. I intend to make it incredibly doper. I'm going to add a story line, some collage, whatever else I want...